Meals in Minutes

Imagine a world where you come home after a long, hard day…

Imagine a World with your own Personal Chef from Dinner Magician Personal Chef Service

And within moments, you are sitting down to a delicious, nutritious and healthful dinner!

You didn’t have to shop…

You didn’t have to cook…

And you didn’t have to clean up!

Sound like a SyFy channel original movie?

Well, it’s not and it can happen to you!

Meals in Minutes: A Unique, Healthy and Affordable Solution.

The Meals In Minutes Service is the original Service behind the Personal Chef Concept. What began as a “5 x 4,” or 5 entree service with 4 servings each as well as appropriate sides has evolved over time to fit the needs of today’s busy singles, couples and families. All services are fully customized to your likes, dislikes, health and nutritional needs. Medically restricted diet? No problem! Picky Eaters? Whatever you want! You won’t get that at the drive through or in the restaurant! Plus, you will have the convenience of being able to eat at home and have dinner on the table when you want it!

In this service, meals will be prepared in your home on your cook date and then packaged and either frozen for you to thaw and heat later, or placed in your refrigerator for you to heat and eat within a few days of their preparation. Whatever your needs are, I will come up with a service that is right for you so if you don’t see a package below that fits your specific needs, just give me a call at 724-498-0434 and I will come up with a package that fits your needs!

Meals in Minutes Service Packages and Pricing:

Meals in Minutes is perfect for busy couples!

Meals in Minutes is perfect for busy couples!

Meals in Minutes:

The most popular package! Includes a customized menu featuring 3, 5 or 10 entrees with the appropriate side items. (Number of entrees can be adjusted to suit your needs!) Each entree will make enough for between 2 to 8 servings, depending on how many days per week you need help getting dinner on the table and how many people you need to feed. The menu preparation, the grocery shopping, the prep, the cooking and the clean up are all included! On your cook day, I will bring all the necessary supplies and equipment needed to your home to create your meals.

I will package all the meals, label them with the heating instructions for you and place them in the refrigerator or freezer for you to enjoy later! When I leave, your kitchen will be left the way it was when I arrived, your refrigerator/ freezer will be filled with delicious meals and your home will smell of fabulous foods!

No matter how many days per week you need help getting dinner on the table, Dinner Magician will come up with the perfect combination of entrees and servings to fit your particular needs and budget! From a single person to families of 4 or more, a Meals in Minutes service package from Dinner Magician Personal Chef Service will help you solve your “What’s for Dinner” dilemma!

Prices for this package vary depending upon the number of entrees/servings needed. Please call to let me know how many days per week you need help getting dinner on the table and I will come up with a package designed for you and your needs!

Enjoy More Family Time with Meals in Minutes!

For those who want to include some fresh items during their service period, you may also add on a Replenish Service to this package! I will come back to your home each week or two (more or less, depending upon how much extra you desire) and set you up with a fresh salad, some bread or dessert, or an extra side or two to compliment the items still in your freezer!

Meals In Minutes Fresh:

A twice weekly service for those who would prefer not to have their meals frozen. Similar to the regular package, but with number of entrees either 2 or 3.

Due to the fact that the meals will not be frozen, menu choices are limited to only those items which will hold for 3 or 4 days at a time. A vacuum sealer will be utilized if necessary to extend the storage time of the meals.

This package is perfect for anyone, but is especially useful for those who subscribe to their area’s CSA programs.

Prices for this package with appropriate side items varies depending upon how many entrees/servings are needed. Please call to discuss your needs and I will come up with a package just for you!

Man holding hamburger in his armsAs the saying goes, “You are what you eat!” If you find yourself eating fast foods or conveinience foods laden with chemical preservatives more than once in a while, having your own personal chef can help you eat better.

If you put bad fuel in your car, your car will eventually cease to function. When your car breaks down, you either must pay to fix it, buy a new one, or go without…

What will happen to your body if you continue to give it bad fuel? Are you really living better by saving money today as that one big box store suggests? Or are you simply saving money today to spend considerably more later to attempt to fix the damage?

As a society, during the past few generations, we have been conditioned to believe that cheaper is better… When it comes to the food you put into your body, do you really wish to continue with that experiment?

For more information and a free in home consultation, please call me at 724-498-0430. The consultation and assessment are free so you have nothing to lose!