Q: I’d love to have a personal chef, but aren’t they just for the wealthy?

A: This is a common misconception within the industry. As a society, we have been conditioned over the past few generations that we should spend less when it comes to our food. We’ll happily spend hundreds of dollars, perhaps even thousands on cable tv, high speed internet, cell phones and the like but when it comes to what we are fueling our bodies with, we have been told that highly processed, cheap foods are the way to go.

As with everything, yes, it will cost money to hire a personal chef, but if you are truly concerned with what you are putting in your body, with not eating from a bag every other day and with bringing some sort of order back to your meal time, then hiring a personal chef can and will help you.

The time saved by having a personal chef cook a variety of meals for you to heat at your convenience while also doing your shopping and clean up for you is invaluble. The healthier ingredients used as opposed to the highly processed foods you may be used to eating also provide an extended value for you and your health.

Most people do find that they begin saving in other areas of their budget and their lives once hiring a personal chef. If you are interested in exploring the possibility, I am more than happy to work with you to find a meal solution that will work for you and your budget!

What’s great about a personal chef is that everything is customized for you! Perhaps you only want me to cook for a dinner party, perhaps you only want 6 meals at a time. Maybe you only want me to come by once every other month or maybe you want to surprise a friend or family member with their own chef for a day!

Maybe you really do love to cook, but you want to learn something new. Cooking lessons in your own home are the perfect solution! The possibilities are nearly endless and with the choices of services offered by Dinner Magician Persoanl Chef Service, you can find something that will fit your budget!

Q: How often will you come to my home to cook my meals?

A: That depends upon several factors. With Meals in Minutes, once your first cook date has been completed, I will follow up with you to see how you like the food, what I can change and what you would like to not change, and I will see how fast you are consuming the food.

For some, my service is required once every two weeks, for others, the same amount of food may last them for a month, while others rarely need me to return again for another 6 to 8 weeks. In some instances, as with larger families, I come by and cook on a weekly basis.

The service is geared toward making sure you are getting what you need, what you want to eat and as often as you need it. After about 2 to 3 cook dates, we will have a good idea of what you need and how often and then you would be placed on a regular schedule.

All other services and classes are single cook dates, unless you wish to set up a cooking class series, so those services are on an as needed basis according to your needs and desires.

Q: How do you keep up with food trends and what inspires you when creating a menu?

A: Cookbooks, magazines, television and the internet are all powerful tools that I use daily to come up with ideas when creating a menu. The most important of all is you, the customer. All menus must fit into whatever your taste preferences are as well as any dietary guidelines you require me to follow. If you don’t like carrots, you won’t see any carrots come into your home! If you are allergic to something, you can be assured that there will be no ingredients used that will put you or your health in danger! You can’t guarantee that in a restaurant setting!

My collection of cookbooks grows nearly every month so I am always looking for new ideas, new techniques and new flavors to use in my recipes as well as healthy ideas and ways to modify existing recipes to fit whatever menu I am designing. Magazines are an indispensable tool I use to keep up with what is current in food trends. While I have many textbooks that I refer to from time to time, they reflect food trends and techniques from the time they were printed, but magazines reflect what is happening now.

Television is also a good way for me to keep up with new flavors, techniques and ideas. A day off of work watching the Food Network gives me more information than an equal amount of time spent in a classroom!

And finally, the internet… If I can’t find it in a cookbook I own, in a magazine or on television, I can almost guarantee that I can find it on the internet! There are hundreds of sites to browse through and every day I can find something new and different than the day before!